Work Comp Development

Why accept Workers’ Compensation Patients?

More and more practices are starting to compete for Workers’ Compensation referrals, but why? The are several reasons:

  • It pays relatively well compared to most Medicare CPT codes;
  • It means your practice is less-reliant upon Medicare and/or PPO patients. Have you asked yourself what would happen if your practice were to be suddenly investigated by Medicare? It would mean they would put a hold on all payments. Do you have the cashflow and income from other referral sources to survive this ‘credit crunch’? Accepting Workers’ Compensation patients is a way for your practice to diversify its payor mix;
  • A reliable flow of patients – even in the off season. We all know that the off season usually leads to a decrease in patient numbers. However, most people work all year round – which means that work-related injuries are relatively consistent all year round – meaning your practice has a reliable flow of patients, even in the off season.

How will Agima help my practice increase my number of Work Comp Patients?

Agima has been helping practices grow their share of workers’ compensation patients since 2009. Over the years we have pioneered innovative marketing strategies, as well as developed strong connections with over 4,500 work comp professionals. Our Work Comp Services include:

  • Work Comp Contracting
    • A Work Comp Network Analysis to ascertain how you are currently listed with then WC payers
    • Obtaining your practice contracts with Work Comp Payers with which you are not yet listed
    • Optimizing your current listings (practices are often listed incorrectly – for example under just “orthopedic” and not “orthopedic surgeon”)
  • Work Comp Marketing
    • CEU Webinars and In-Services with Insurance Carriers, TPA’s, and Case Management Companies;
    • Targeted 1:1 Meetings and Introductions with:
      • Adjusters
      • Nurse Case Managers
      • Employers
      • Municipalities
      • Attorneys (Defense and/or Plaintiff)
      • Other Medical Providers
    • Annual Workers’ Compensation Network Events at the Workers’ Compensation Conference in Florida
    • Other local Work Comp Networking Events
    • E-Newsletter to our database of 4,500 Work Comp Professionals